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Not so long ago, it was much easier to protect your data. Perimeter defences were in place and there were only so many ways in. Data came in from IT-approved, enterprise-controlled devices and applications. It lived on your servers and storage arrays. It was protected by walling off the outsiders and trusting your insiders.

But things have changed in a big way. Now, more data than ever is collected from more applications, users, devices, and connected hardware, with dwindling amounts of it under enterprise control. New forms of doing business demand easy access from the outside. With the emergence of the cloud, your data may not even be on the inside anymore. And 'insiders' with access to your data increasingly include third parties who don’t work for your organisation at all.


We are now able to access our data from nearly anywhere in the world. This is a landmark achievement for business. But it also opens up far more vulnerabilities for malicious parties to steal or compromise sensitive information: in the cloud, in data warehouses, over enterprise systems, with privileged credentials (either compromised or legitimately-obtained).

Data’s lack of any natural defences wasn’t a cause for serious concern when strong perimeter barriers were enough to defend it, but things have changed. Like a mighty fortress overgrown by roots and vines, older models of defence are now untenable. Laws passed by governments to protect personal information and intellectual property through compliance requirements are a start, but it is not enough—especially for businesses operating globally.

Since data has no natural defences it requires protection that’s as close to it as possible. This is precisely what Vormetric provides.

Trusted by businesses and governments for over a decade, Vormetric’s data-centric security architecture is currently busy securing the data of over 1,500 global customers—including 17 of the Fortune 30 Vormetric addresses industry compliance mandates and government regulations globally by securing data in traditional on-premise, virtual, Cloud and Big Data infrastructures, through:

  • Data Encryption and Centralised Key Management
  • Access Policies and Privileged User Control
  • Security Intelligence


If you think the operational impact of data security can be too much of a burden for your business, you need the kind of security that fulfills compliance requirements without a struggle, security that’s virtually transparent to users and has little or no drag on your daily business operations.


Because Data can’t defend itself

The Vormetric Data Security Platform consists of a common, extensible infrastructure to address industry compliance mandates and government...

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 My concern with encryption was the overhead on user and application performance. With Vormetric, people have no idea it’s even running. Vormetric Encryption also saved us at least nine months of application rewrite effort, and its installation was one of the easiest we’ve ever experienced. 

Karl Mudra
Delta Dental of Missouri

 Vormetric Data Security provides us with a high degree of control over how data is encrypted. For Empyrean the biggest benefit is it enables us to offer a secure cloud solution that sets us apart from our competition because of its data-centric approach to security. 

Rick Miller
Vice President of Information Technology
Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.

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