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Central government agencies and local government departments hold a wealth of personal information, through the DWP, HMRC and local council departments as well the security services. Loss of any personal data from these agencies is headline news and brings into question the security policies these departments and agencies have in place to secure the nations’ personal information.

With the forthcoming EU Data Protection law, the requirement to declare any data breach will become more prevalent. As a result, many UK government agencies and councils are working with Vormetric to strengthen their data security policies and platforms.

Insider Threats

Insider-implemented breaches, such as those by Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning can not only severely cripple the ability of government agencies to achieve their objectives, but can also have a chilling effect on professional and administrative careers.

Stolen Credentials

While insider threats persist, external threats are becoming more menacing and sophisticated. Advanced persistent threats, or APTs, blur the line between insider and external threats by allowing external adversaries to steal the user credentials required to bypass perimeter defences and act as insiders. Due to their sophistication and required resources, APTs are often attributed to nation-states and other highly organised entities.

The Need for Compliance

As cybersecurity threats have proliferated and computer technology has advanced, compliance has become increasingly complex.

The government agencies must adhere to legislation such as the PCI DSS compliance. And, as data moves to the cloud, agencies will need to consider their approach to securing data akin to that of the US FedRAMP legislation.

Controlling Costs and Risk

Government agencies have a significant task at hand with ever decreasing IT budgets. This is in dark contrast to a need to bolster security measures to prevent and mitigate cyber breaches. The Vormetric platform provides the local and central government a unified platform for data protection across the enterprise with a single strategy for data security. This eliminates disconnected, stovepiped solutions. Moreover, it provides concise information that protects data and informs security personnel of the actions and behaviours of its users and malicious use of valid credentials. Organisations employing this unified enterprise strategy are finding a compelling ROI that eliminates point solutions for encryption from hardware and application vendors and measures to reduce physical separation of storage. Your data is more secure and both the complexity of managing the data and costs are reduced.

The Vormetric Solution

Vormetric’s data security solutions address all these issues and truly secure sensitive data for Central and Local government through enabling an enterprise-level data at rest security strategy that is:

  • Effective
  • Highly compliant to government mandates
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to scale
  • Cost effective

Vormetric Data Security Platform

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17 of the Fortune 30 rely on Vormetric’s data security technology as do more than 1,500 customers in 22 countries across a broad range of industries including healthcare, retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, banking, insurance and cloud service providers. And, industry partners including IBM and Symantec market OEM solutions that incorporate Vormetric technology

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