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Vormetric OEM Partners deliver combined data security solutions that extend compliance, increase data breach protection and provide stronger safeguards for intellectual property. This layered data protection provides a strong solution for protecting data, including detecting and preventing data loss from the latest cyber attacks such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

IBM has chosen Vormetric Database encryption and key management technology to provide data protection through IBM Security's Guardium Data Encryption product. Vormetric is also an IBM Advanced Business Partner, a participant in TotalStorage Proven and has extensive technology and business relationships with the Information Management and Server Technology groups. Vormetric Data Security solutions have been certified and/or validated for interoperability with a broad array of storage systems and computing platforms. Vormetric enables IBM customers to ensure their sensitive data is strongly protected against a broad array of threats.

Vormetric is a Symantec technology partner and the creator and provider of the encryption and key management technology used in Symantec's NetBackup solution for enterprise-level data backup and recovery. The solution, called NetBackup Media Server Encryption Option (MSEO), uses the Vormetric Data Security solution to perform data encryption at the enterprise media server rather than at a client device or on a separate appliance. NetBackup users who opt for MSEO will enjoy simplified management of backup and recovery operations, little or no performance impact even when encrypting large banks of information, and economical, highly secure tape encryption that ensures data privacy.

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 Customers are increasingly looking to enhance their ability to repel threats to the security and privacy of their data. By partnering with Vormetric to add its patented data encryption capabilities to the DB2 data security solution, IBM is helping our clients meet this challenge. DB2 users can be confident that their valuable information is protected from data thieves and accidental disclosure while ensuring optimal database performance. 

Arvind Krishna
VP Database Servers and IM
Development, IBM

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