Vormetric Data Security Platform

Bringing Security and Compliance to Cloud Storage

With the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, organisations can safeguard files in cloud storage environments, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Box. The cloud security gateway solution encrypts sensitive data before it is saved to the cloud storage environment, enabling security teams to establish the visibility and control they need around sensitive assets. Like other Vormetric products, the gateway solution relies on the Vormetric Data Security Manager for key and policy management. As a result, customers never need to relinquish control of cryptographic keys to the provider and data never leaves the enterprise premises unencrypted or unaccounted for.

The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway offers capabilities for encrypting and controlling data in Amazon S3, Box, and, in the future, additional cloud storage and SaaS environments

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway: Key Attributes

With the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, organisations can leverage a strong set of capabilities:

  • Robust, persistent controls. Sensitive data may be copied, shared, and distributed in an array of environments, but security teams can manage keys and policies on their premises, so they retain localised visibility and control.
  • Detailed visibility and auditability. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway gives administrators detailed visibility into data access. In addition, the solution features dashboards that offer intuitive insights into usage of cloud storage applications.
  • Agile performance. Through its virtualised appliance architecture, the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway offers elastic scaling that enables IT teams to efficiently accommodate changing performance and scalability demands.
  • Intelligent risk detection. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway can scan cloud storage environments and discover unencrypted files that violate security policies and automatically encrypt them.
  • Transparent, efficient implementation. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway significantly streamlines the process of implementing and managing security. IT teams don’t need to modify applications or workflows when deploying the solution.
  • Flexible service extensibility. The product is built on an extensible architecture that will enable Vormetric and its partners to deliver support for a range of cloud storage environments and SaaS solutions.

The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway is part of the Vormetric Data Security Platform, a single platform that offers capabilities for tokenisation, encryption, key management, and privileged user access control. With this solution, you can employ the mix of technologies that’s optimally suited to your specific projects and use cases, while gaining the cost savings and operational benefits of working with products that can be uniformly managed. The Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway further extends the platform’s data security capabilities into cloud storage environments.


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  We wanted the flexibility to be able to move pieces to different cloud environments or even to a different operating system. Vormetric gave us the flexibility that other offerings couldn’t. It was the perfect value proposition, plus we already had the knowledge that it works in our industry. 

Brian Adams
Chief Technology Officer
Digital Compliance


Vormetric Data Security Platform Data Sheet

Vormetric Data Security Platform

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Securing Big Data Environments Solution Brochure

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway Solution Brief

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Industry Guidelines for Building Secure Cloud Services

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Big Data, Big Risks

Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway White Paper

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

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