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The Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) is at the heart of the Vormetric Data Security Platform. The DSM enables your business to meet new security mandates, compliance requirements and risks across your organization at unprecedented efficiency by centralizing and simplifying the provisioning of encryption keys for all Vormetric products and many 3rd party devices. The result of centralizing control of such a breadth of data-at-rest security capabilities is low total cost of ownership, efficient deployment of new secure services, and most importantly, an increase in control and visibility of data across your organization.

Vormetric Data Security Manager

The Vormetric Data Security Manager centralizes policy and key management

The DSM comes in several form factors to support flexible deployment models

  • V6000 hardware appliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation
  • V6100 hardware appliance, with integrated Thales nShield HSM and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation
  • Vormetric Data Security Manager virtual appliance with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation
  • As a service through leading cloud and hosting providers
  • Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces

Vormetric Data Security Manager Simplifies Security Operations

  • Unified Management Console – Simplify training, deployment, and operations through centralized management of data security policies and key management.
  • Multi-tenant – Each business unit or customer manages their own DSM instance with complete separation of administrative roles and key access.
  • Flexible administration – Manage efficiently through Web-based console, command line interface (CLI) and application programming interfaces (API) including REST and SOAP. The v6100 offers the additional convenience of nShield Remote Administration for hardware security module (HSM) configuration.
  • Strong separation of duties – Ensure that one administrator does not have complete control over the data security policies, encryption keys, and DSM administration.

Vormetric Data Security Manager Simplifies Enterprise-wide Data Security

  • Proven scale – Supports tens of thousands of protected hosts, and millions of keys.
  • Continuous availability – Cluster DSMs to ensure highly resilient access to keys and policies.
  • On-premises control of keys – Control your data after it moves to cloud, big data, or outsourced environments by ensuring the encryption keys remain in your control and your premises, assuring your data can’t be collected by a government agency or accessed by an unauthorized user without your knowledge.
  • Centralized 3rd party Key Management – In addition to managing Vormetric product’s encryption keys, the DSM unifies key management for third-party platforms, such as IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Encryption, Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Microsoft SQL Server TDE, and KMIP-compliant encryption products. The platform can also securely store and inventory X.509 certificates, symmetric keys, and asymmetric keys.

Once the Data Security Manager is deployed you have the comprehensive Vormetric Data Security Platform in place. You are now ready to enable your business to encrypt and control all the sensitive data that resides in files and databases across your data center, private-public-hybrid clouds, cloud storage, big data and remote server environments. You will meet new data security challenges as they arise quickly and without impeding your business goals.


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 Piloting Vormetric Encryption was very uneventful, which is exactly the way we like it, and we were able to quickly assess the solution against all of our evaluation criteria, including performance, end-user impact, ease of use and transparency. It was apparent that we made the right choice. 

Albert Avila,
Business Solutions Specialist,
Fujitsu Limited


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Vormetric Data Security Platform

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