Maintain trust, control and compliance of your sensitive data in Salesforce

The Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption service delivers powerful, natively integrated data-at-rest encryption capabilities that enable customers to secure and control sensitive fields and attachments. To help customers further enhance security and compliance, Salesforce offers bring-your-own-key (BYOK) capabilities. Through these capabilities, security teams can create and retain control over tenant secret derived encryption keys, and keep them isolated from encrypted data.

Vormetric Key Management integrates with Salesforce Shield’s BYOK feature and assures customers control the lifecycle of their encryption keys in a segregated, cost efficient manner.

The Freedom to Choose

With Salesforce & Vormetric, Key Management is flexible based on your unique requirements with the option to choose the deployment model that best fits your specific requirements.

“As-a-service” enables you to leverage the benefits of the cloud while ensuring optimal control. With no need to deploy hardware, the solution eliminates the hassle of architecting and maintaining a high-availability key management solution.

On Premises allows hybrid and highly regulated organizations to physically store keys on site. With this option, organizations can comply with FIPS 140-2 L3 for key lifecycle management as well as help address data residency requirements.

Vormetric Key Management: Key Advantages

Vormetric Key Management for Salesforce customers can realize these advantages:

  • Ownership and Trust. Allows enterprises to retain management and control of encryption keys & policies
  • Robust control. Offers complete capabilities for creating and managing encryption key states and policies at the push of a button, so security teams ensure the organization retains full control of sensitive Salesforce data.
  • Key and data separation. Separates key storage and administration from data repositories, which provides higher levels of security, control, and compliance.
  • Efficient compliance. Delivers hardened key management controls and granular audit logs of encryption key and certificate management activities, which makes it faster and simpler to satisfy compliance requirements of auditors and regulatory bodies. With the on-premises deployment scenario, achieve up to FIPS 140-2 L3 compliance and may help support data residency requirements
  • Flexible Deployment. Supports on premises option for hybrid or high regulated environments “and as-a-service” for a fully cloud based deployment
  • Administrative efficiency. Provides an easy-to-use Web portal for key creation, rotation, deactivation, revocation, and refreshes, thus reducing the effort associated with managing keys across their lifecycle.

Vormetric Key Management Provides Life Cycle Management

Vormetric Key Management Provides Life Cycle Management for
Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption both KMaaS and on-premises

Unlock Efficient Key Management

Created specifically for Salesforce Shield, Vormetric Key Management delivers flexible, efficient and secure control over the full lifecycle of your encryption keys. Getting started is easy. To learn more contact us at KMaaS@Vormetric.com


Vormetric Key Management for Salesforce Demo

Vormetric Key Management as a Service (KMaaS)

Vormetric Key Management for Salesforce Demo.  

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