Vormetric Data Security Platform

Zero-Downtime Encryption Deployment and Operations

Customers have relied on Vormetric Transparent Encryption for over a decade. It eliminates many of the challenges associated with implementing encryption in any organization. Vormetric Transparent Encryption breaks down data security silos by encrypting both structured databases and unstructured files, centralizing key management across the enterprise, providing privileged user access control, and security intelligence log collection.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption operates with minimal disruption, effort, and cost. Its transparent architecture enables security organizations to implement encryption without changing application, networking, or storage architectures. Vormetric Live Data Transformation, a new option for Vormetric Transparent Encryption, builds on these advantages. It offers patented capabilities that deliver breakthroughs in availability, resiliency and efficiency. Vormetric Live Data Transformation delivers these key capabilities:

  • Zero-downtime deployments. Vormetric Live Data Transformation enables administrators to encrypt data without downtime or any disruption to users, applications, or workflows. A database or file system can be used normally, including powerful access control and logging capabilities, while it is undergoing encryption.
  • Seamless key rotation. To address compliance requirements and best practices, Live Data Transformation enables organizations to perform key rotation without having to duplicate data or take associated applications off line.
  • Versioned backups and archives. Vormetric Live Data Transformation key version management ensures efficient backup and archive recovery to enable more immediate access. In a data recovery operation, archived encryption keys, recovered from the Vormetric Data Security Manager, are automatically applied to an older data set. Restored data is encrypted with the current cryptographic keys.

Vormetric Live Data Transformation eliminates maintenance windows that would otherwise be required for deploying initial encryption or for ongoing re-keying efforts, regardless of the number of files or size of database to protect. Server performance is ensured with CPU management features. In effect, Vormetric Live Data Transformation significantly improves security and data availability, while reducing the operational costs associated with encryption.


Vormetric Live Data Transformation Demo

Live Data Transformation

Watch a demo of Vormetric Live Data Transformation and discover how this solution enables the initial encryption...

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Vormetric Live Data Transformation

Vormetric Live Data Transformation

Vormetric Live Data Transformation enables administrators to migrate data from clear text to encrypted...

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 There is absolutely no noticeable impact on the performance or usability of applications. I am very excited at how easy the solution is to deploy and it has always performed flawlessly. 

Christian Muus
Director of Security
Teleperformance EMEA


Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Data Security Platform Architecture

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

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Encryption Architecture

Aberdeen Group Demystifies Data-at-Rest Encryption

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