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For most use cases, Vormetric Transparent Encryption, meets an enterprise’s security, contractual and compliance requirements. Vormetric Transparent Encryption applies encryption and access policies “transparently” to data at rest, of any file type and in any environment, at the file or volume level without requiring any application development and maintenance efforts. However, for the applications that require field-level encryption for databasebig data, PaaS or other applications there is Vormetric Application Encryption.

Vormetric Application Encryption is a library to simplify integrating application-level encryption into existing corporate applications. The application encryption library provides a set of documented standard-based APIs used to perform cryptographic and encryption key management operations. The innovative product design enables developers to choose to standard AES encryption or schema maintaining Format Preserving Encryption (FPE). Vormetric Application Encryption removes the complexity and risk of implementing an in-house encryption and key management solution. Vormetric Application Encryption supports Unicode and the library is in the process of being certified for FIPS 140-2.


Example workflow of an application that uses Vormetric Application Encryption to encrypt credit card numbers before being written to a database or big data node.

Vormetric Application Encryption Key Attributes

  • Column-level encryption — Easily add standards based column-level encryption or schema maintaining Format Preserving encryption (FPE) to existing applications.
  • Protect sensitive data — Stop malicious DBAs, cloud administrators, hackers, and authorities with subpoenas from accessing valuable data.
  • Deploy with confidence — Leverage proven, Vormetric high-performance encryption and key management agents.
  • Maintain SLA — Experience high-performance encryption transactions per second.
  • Centralize control — Reduce complexity and costs associated with application-layer encryption and file system-level encryption.
  • Support heterogeneous environments — Simply extend application-layer encryption across virtual, cloud, big data and traditional environments that run Linux and Windows.
  • Format Preserving Encryption — The encrypted output field size remains identical to the input reducing storage footprint. Allows encryption within a specified character set. For example, encrypting a 16-digit credit card number will result in a 16-digit number.
  • Batch Data Transformation support — Vormetric Batch Data Transformation is a product that provides capabilities to mask, tokenize or encrypt sensitive column information in databases. It is used to quickly encrypt data in existing databases that are in use with applications that will be protecting sensitive data with Vormetric Application Encryption.


Introduction to Vormetric Application Encryption Tutorial Video

Use cases for application-layer encryption and an overview of the Vormetric product.  

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Vormetric Announces the General Availability of Application Encryption

Vormetric on cybersecurity

Dramatically reduces cost and complexity with single platform  

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 In cases where field-level encryption is mandated for certain applications as a supplement to file-level encryption, there are potential cost savings and efficiencies of a platform approach 

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Vormetric Application Encryption

Vormetric Application Encryption

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