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Vormetric Enhances Security Information and Event Management with Data Security Intelligence

The Vormetric Data Security Platform produces detailed security event logs that are easy to integrate with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems to produce compliance and security reports. These security information logs produce an auditable trail of permitted and denied access attempts from users and processes, delivering unprecedented insight into file access activities. Logging occurs at the file system level, removing the opportunity of stealthy access to sensitive data. These security information logs can report unusual or improper data access and accelerate the detection of insider threats, hackers and the presence of advanced persistent threats (APT) that are past the perimeter security.

Vormetric Security Intelligence works with SIEM vendors to accelerate behind the perimeter threat detection and produces detailed file access and security information logs for auditors and compliance officers

Vormetric Security Intelligence Key Attributes

  • Increased visibility — Capture granular logs of all file access attempts that include user, group, process, enacted policy, and attempts by a root user to imitate another user.
  • Easy SIEM and log collection — Export security information logs in all major log formats: Syslog RFC5424, CEF and LEEF.
  • Fast SIEM integration — Vormetric partnerships with leading SIEM providers results in fast and easy integration with the Vormetric Splunk App, HP ArcSight CEF Certified SmartConnector, IBM QRadar Vormetric Device Support Module and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. In addition, gain immediate meaningful analysis with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.
  • Accelerated APT and Insider Threat Detection — Identify compromised users, administrators and applications by evaluating unusual file access occurring behind perimeter security solutions.
  • Consolidated and consistent compliance and audit reporting — Supports compliance and contractual mandated reporting with consistent logs across Windows, Linux, and Unix servers.


Vormetric Intel Playbook

The Intel – Vormetric Security Playbook

The ever evolving landscapes in company goals & objectives make security hard.

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 Compliance is a big one, in terms of benefits with Vormetric, but audit log visibility has been very valuable as well. 

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Security Intelligence with SIEM Integration

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

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