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The demands for encryption, a practical solution to modern security threats and compliance mandates, continue to grow. While security teams need to support more deployments, larger implementations, and more technologies and environments, budgets remain flat. You can quickly scale encryption amidst staffing and budgetary realities with automation provided by the Vormetric Orchestrator.


Docker is taking the application development world by storm. However, while Docker is bringing unprecedented benefits to organizations, it also presents new vulnerabilities.


Salesforce & Vormetric ensure you maintain trust, control and compliance of your sensitive data in Salesforce

Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption service is a powerful tool to secure and control sensitive fields and attachments through natively integrated data-at-rest encryption. However, meeting many compliance and audit guidelines may require separate and auditable chain of custody for encryption key management.


For IT and security teams today, adaptation is a key part of the job. Sensitive data continues to make it into a broader set of environments, including cloud deployments, big data platforms, virtualized systems, and more. Dell Storage SC arrays optimizes data throughout its lifecycle via built-in intelligence. Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized key management, privileged user access control, and security intelligence to proactively meet compliance reporting requirements for structured databases and unstructured files.


Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access controls and security intelligence logs to proactively meet compliance reporting requirements for structured databases and unstructured files. With Vormetric Transparent Encryption, IT and security professionals can efficiently safeguard more data, in more environments, and against more threats as sensitive data moves into cloud deployments, big data platforms, virtualized systems and more.

Topics: Data Security, Encryption, Privileged User Access Control, Cloud Security, Compliance

Vormetric Live Data Transformation enables administrators to migrate data from clear text to encrypted, without downtime or any disruption to users, applications, or business workflows. In addition, organizations can use this capability to do key rotation, without having to duplicate data or take associated applications off line.


Vormetric has expanded the Vormetric Data Security platform to offer tokenization capabilities that can dramatically reduce the costs and effort associated with complying with security policies and PCI DSS. With Vormetric Tokenization and Dynamic Data Masking, your organization can efficiently address its objectives for securing sensitive assets and cardholder records—whether they reside in the data center, big data environments, or the cloud.

Topics: Tokenization, Dynamic Data Masking

The Vormetric and Informatica solution provide the crucial view to Discover, Analyze, Detect and Protect your data from security & compliance threats. For years it was simple, build a strong perimeter and keep the ‘bad guys” on the outside. Typical hackers were individuals looking to create a name for themselves in the hacking underground or perhaps just cause mischief. Now, the entire game has changed.


Vormetric, a MongoDB Advanced Partner, compliments MongoDB security by delivering high-performance encryption, easy to use integrated key management, privileged user access control, and generates data access security intelligence with the Vormetric Data Security Platform.

Topics: Big Data Security, No SQL Security, MongoDB

Vormetric Transparent Encryption, deployed across multiple Docker hosts, employs controls that help security teams ensure Docker images can’t be tampered with or stolen. Only environments with access to the Vormetric Data Security Manager can launch Docker instances. Furthermore, the security team creates polices in the Vormetric Data Security Manager to control which users can access Docker images and launch container instances.


The emergence of big data adds a new dimension to data management and brings with it new challenges. Simply protecting data by prohibiting access to outside users and trusting users within your organization is not enough. Read about the Joint Cisco UCS and Vormetric encryption and key management solution that keep Big Data in the most demanding organizations safe.


Splunk & Vormetric – Threat landscapes change almost daily. When used with an Operational Intelligence platform such as Splunk, the Vormetric Data Security Platform not only encrypts and controls access to your files and databases, but also provides information that is utilized by Splunk. Whether the deployment is physical or virtual, the Vormetric Security Intelligence Solution for Splunk can alert you when unusual or improper data access is detected, and can offer detailed user and process information to help investigation.


NexGen and Vormetric have teamed up to deliver a high-performance storage solution with encryption and key management capabilities to protect what matters, satisfying auditors, regulatory compliance requirements, business partners and addressing customer concerns around data security without compromising performance.


Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure With Vormetric Transparent Encryption - In today’s high paced, highly competitive business environment, IT is asked to do more, faster and at lower costs. They require new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT services while driving down overall TCO. The business requires next-generation datacenter infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility, but with the security and reliability of on-premise solutions; the type of solution that Nutanix & Vormetric jointly provide.


The Vormetric Data Security Platform centralizes 3rd party encryption keys and stores certificates securely. The Vormetric Data Security Platform provides high availability, standards-based enterprise encryption key management for MongoDB Transparent Database Encryption (TDE) through a Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), and offers vaulting and inventory of certificates.


Crypto Complete from Linoma Software protects IBM iSeries sensitive data using strong encryption, tokenization and auditing. TheVormetric Data Security Platform centralizes 3rd party encryption keys and stores certificates securely. By deploying the solution, organizations can ensure that encrypted data is protected against unauthorized access by streamlining the management of associated keys.


You have already deployed McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager to collect, analyze, and report on advanced perimeter attacks. Now gain the visibility of what is happening on the inside—including activity on the server, who is accessing files and databases, which privileged users are accessing your data, and behaviors that indicate malware or advanced persistent threats (APTs) that may have gone undetected past the perimeter.

Topics: McAfee, SIEM

Within today’s enterprises, databases represent central repositories that house some of the most highly sensitive, tightly regulated data—the very data that is also sought after by malicious insiders and external attackers. With solutions from McAfee and Vormetric, your organization can establish strong and comprehensive safeguards around databases and the assets they contain.

Topics: McAfee, Database Security

Big Data presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to tap into new volumes and varieties of data, thereby making more informed plans and decisions, discover new opportunities for optimization, and deliver breakthrough innovations. But it is not without risk. Without the right security, Big Data can pose big security challenges.


Simplify IT operations, secure and control access to data across the enterprise

Vormetric Key Management provides a robust, standards-based platform for managing encryption keys from disparate sources across the enterprise.


No SQL for data centers and connected devices coupled with the right encryption to ensure your data remains yours.

Data stored in Couchbase may contain either sensitive, protected information or key intellectual property. With the Couchbase – Vormetric solution, leveraging Big Data no longer means a potential big headache due to a security or compliance breach.


Nutanix provides strong data protection by encrypting user and application data to a level of FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance. Data at rest encryption is delivered through self-encrypting drives (SED) that are factory-installed in the Nutanix hyper-converged appliance. Vormetric’s Data Security Manager provides FIPS certified robust key management and role separation to meet most security requirements.


Databases are the backbone of every organization’s operations — powering enterprise applications, supporting financial transactions and internal processes as well as underpinning a multitude of mission critical business analytics processes. Further, the data contained within these dynamic repositories is both highly regulated and a primary target for internal and external attackers.


FireEye offers a virtual machine-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection against the next generation of cyber attacks. These highly sophisticated cyber attacks easily circumvent traditional signature-based defenses. The FireEye Threat Prevention Platform provides real-time, dynamic threat protection without the use of signatures to protect an organization across the primary threat vectors and across the different stages of an attack life cycle.

Topics: Vormetric Data Security Platform, Threat Analytics Platform

Vormetric Transparent Data Encryption and Vormetric Data Security Manager combine to ensure data-at-rest security, control and compliance as enterprise adopt Microsoft Azure.

Topics: Microsoft Azure, Cloud Security

As organizations grow increasingly reliant upon cloud storage offerings like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Box and Caringo, the need to secure sensitive data in these environments grows increasingly urgent. With the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, organizations can encrypt files in cloud storage, enabling a secure and compliant file sharing and storage environment.

Topics: Cloud Encryption, Cloud Storage, S3, Box, AWS, Caringo, EFSS

All the data amassed in your Teradata environments can yield significant business value—and pose a significant business risk if it’s not properly secured. With Vormetric Protection for Teradata Database, your organization can gain the comprehensive, granular controls required to secure the most sensitive assets across your Teradata environments.

Topics: Protection for Teradata Database

NexGen N5 (a spinout of FusionIO) and Vormetric together deliver a memory platform that accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications while providing peace of mind in the form of data at rest encryption.

Topics: Data at Rest Encryption, Data Encryption

The Vormetric Solution is certified Vblock Ready™, the certification report is available through the above link.

Topics: Data Security Platform, Vormetric Transparent Encryption

VCE, through the Vblock system, delivers the industry’s first completely integrated IT offering with end-to-end vendor accountability.

Topics: Vormetric Data Security Manager, Data Encryption

As enterprises continue to adopt big data frameworks in their IT environments, keeping the data secure has become a priority. Data now comes from a variety of sources including CRM systems, files, spreadsheets, video, social media, payment data and health records as an example. As the data is being collected from these diverse sources, sensitive information must be protected.

Topics: Big Data, Hortonworks

Without the right security in place, big data can mean big problems. Combined, Vormetric and DataStax enable organizations to quickly establish big data environments that deliver high performance and enterprise-grade security.

Topics: Big Data, Big Data Security

Vormetric and Intel collaborated with MongoDB to measure performance with and without encryption using MongoDB running on a two-socket server powered by the Intel Xeon processor E5 v3 family. This paper shows and compares encryption test results on this new processor vs the previous generation processor.

Topics: MongoDB, Data Security

Information technology workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) can offer convenience and cost savings. However, you still need to follow security, privacy, compliance rules and best practices, for your data.

Topics: AWS Data Security, AWS Encryption, Cloud Encryption, AWS Privileged User Access Control

Vormetric, a MongoDB Advanced Partner, compliments MongoDB security by delivering high-performance encryption, easy to use integrated key management, privileged user access control, and generates data access security intelligence with the Vormetric Data Security Platform.

Topics: Big Data Security, No SQL Security, MongoDB

This Solution brief examines safeguarding your sensitive data within VMware virtual and cloud environments using Vormetric Transparent Encryption.

Topics: Data-at-Rest Encryption, Key Management, Access Control, Security Intelligence, Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Privileged user accounts are a necessity, but allow them access to your critical, protected information is not. In this Solution Brief, we’ll discuss the problems posed by privileged user accounts and how to safeguard your data, while allowing the critical operations these accounts perform to continue.

Topics: Data Security

Vormetric Data Security helps enterprises comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) rules to protect cardholder information.

Topics: Data Security, PCI DSS, Compliance

No matter what cloud implementation model your organization adopts (public, private or hybrid) the accountability for securing data in the cloud remains with you, not your cloud service provider. In this document, you’ll learn about how to protect your data in cloud environments in a single, integrated view and platform with other critical data located throughout your enterprise.

Topics: Unified Enterprise, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Data Security with the Vormetric Data Security Platform

SIEM solutions monitor both real-time events and long term data to find anomalous patterns of usage, qualify possible threats and alert organizations when needed. But these solutions can be blind to possible threats to your protected data without the detailed information on access attempts and usage provided by Vormetric Data Security.

Topics: Data Security Intelligence, Vormetric Security Intelligence enhances SIEM, advanced persistent threats (APTs)

In this document, learn how Vormetric allows organizations to safely gain the benefits of Big Data analytics while safeguarding sensitive information.

Topics: Big Data, Security, Privileged User Access Control

Vormetric Data Security solution for SAP document explains how Vormetric Data Security solution protects both structured and unstructured SAP data at rest.

Topics: Data Security, SAP Data Protection

Vormetric Encryption and Imperva SecureSphere database activity monitoring (DAM) combine to provide optimal layered defense for sensitive database information.

Topics: Database Security, Encryption, Imperva

Vormetric combines industry leading encryption, key management, and access control to protect sensitive data. By leveraging expertise gathered through a unique partnership with the US intelligence community, Vormetric is able to provide a "chain of custody" on sensitive data.

Topics: Data Security, Cyber Security, Cloud Security

As a cloud provider, two of your customer’s top concerns are security and compliance. Vormetric provides critical data security capabilities that can be used to help customers feel confident in the security of your solution, enable you to meet extended customers requirements, and offer new higher value services.

Topics: Cloud-ready, transparent data protection

Security Solutions for EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS document explains how Vormetric Encryption secures structured and unstructured data on EMC Isilon Scale-Out Network Attach Storage (NAS).

Topics: NAS Security, Encryption, EMC Isilon

NexGen has validated the functionality of NexGen N5 hybrid flash arrays as a back - end storage solution within an infrastructure that utilizes Vormetric Data Security delivering data at rest encryption. The objective was to demonstrate and document the compatibility of NexGen hybrid flash storage in this environment.

Topics: Vormetric Data Security, NexGen N5

Vormetric Data Security provides data protection across a variety of public sector use cases, from databases to unstructured data to big data repositories.

Topics: Government, Encryption, Key Management

Vormetric Data Security provides data protection across a variety of use cases, from databases to unstructured data to big data repositories.

Topics: Encryption, Key Management, SSL Certificate Management


 We achieved PCI DSS compliance with the help of Vormetric Data Security. 

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