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Bloor for the EU’s new data protection regulation, encryption should be the default option

There are many regulations and industry standards that require that stringent safeguards are applied to personal and sensitive data. Of these, the EU data protection rules affect many organisations. Now, they are set to get tougher, with higher sanctions available for non-compliance and affecting a wider range of organisations than previously.



The Insider Threat: How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk

In July 2013, the final sentencing of an Army Private brought to a close an espionage trial involving the greatest leak of sensitive information in US history The database breach in the WikiLeaks case led president Obama to sign an executive order intended to address the insider threat. Among other things, it created an inter-agency task force and urged federal employees to observe their coworkers and flag questionable behaviour or circumstances.

Topics: Insider Threat, Privileged User Access



 Securing customer information effectively and efficiently is paramount for Nicor Gas. Large volumes of customer payments are mailed to us, and our lockbox banking application allows us to efficiently process those payments. We needed to ensure that the information in production was protected to minimize the possibility of identity theft. Vormetric Data Security enabled us to protect the information quickly and without any changes to the application. 

Mark Guth
Senior Manager of Information
Security, Nicor Gas

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